Quorn Mycoprotein

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Mycoprotein is low in fat and contains less than 3g of fat per 100g.  For comparison, a lean grilled rump steak contains 5.9g of fat per 100g whilst a grilled rump steak with the fat on contains 12.7g of fat per 100g.

Mycoprotein is low in saturated fat and contains 0.7g of saturated fat per 100g.  Raw lean beef contains 1.9g of saturated fat per 100g and a raw chicken breast contains 1g of saturated fat per 100g.

Mycoprotein also contains both of the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids - linoleic acid belonging to the n-6 series and α-Linolenic acid belonging to the n-3 series.

Mycoprotein contains no trans fats or cholesterol. There are very small amount of cholesterol and trans fats in some Quorn™ products, the cholesterol being present in tiny amounts in the egg white used in production and the trans fats as a natural trace component of other ingredients used.

Fatty Acid Profile of Mycoprotein (Fat Content = 3 g/100 g)

Fatty Acid Profile of Mycoprotein (Fat Content = 2.9 g/100 g)
Fatty Acid Grams of fatty acid per 100 grams fat in Mycoprotein Grams of fatty acid per 100 grams in Mycoprotein
C16:0 Palmitic 9.3 0.3
C18:0 Stearic 2.0 0.1
C18:1 Oleic 9.6 0.3
C18:2 Linoleic 29.8 1.0
C18:3 α-Linolenic 13.5 0.4

Fat in Quorn™ products

In many Quorn™ products, small amounts of fat (mainly polyunsaturates) are added to improve sensory qualities, which is why the fat content in the range varies. Nevertheless, Quorn™ products are generally significantly lower in fat than equivalent meat products, with just 1.5g to 10g fat per 100g, as illustrated below.

Comparative Nutrient Content of Quorn products vs Meat Equivalent

Comparative Nutrient Content of Quorn vs Meat Equivalent
Food Cals/100g Total Fat (g/100g) Sat Fat (g/100g) % Energy from Total Fat Cholesterol (mg/100g)
Quorn™ Mince (frozen)** 94 2 0.5 19 0
Beef Mince (Raw)* 225 16.2 6.9 65 60
Quorn™ Burger (frozen)** 146 4.8 0.5 30 0
Beefburger (raw)* 291 24.7 10.7 76 76
Quorn™ Chicken Style Nuggets** 207 11 1.3 48 0.005
Breaded Nuggets * 265 13 3.3 44 54

*Source: McCance and Widdowson 'The Composition of Foods' Sixth Edition.
** Source: Marlow Foods