Quorn Mycoprotein

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Health Benefits Introduction

Label.jpg• As part of a balanced, low fat diet, studies suggest mycoprotein:

o Could maintain normal blood cholesterol levels , or maybe even reduce cholesterol levels

o May have a greater satiating power than other foods with similar fibre content

o May help regulate blood glucose levels


• Key health benefits:

o Mycoprotein is an excellent source of high quality protein and contains all the essential amino acids for adults

o Mycoprotein is high in dietary fibre  (important for the digestive system)

o Mycoprotein is low in fat and saturated fats and contains no cholesterol or trans fats at all

o Mycoprotein is low in sodium.



Unlike meat proteins, mycoprotein is completely free from cholesterol and studies suggest that it helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, and maybe can even lower LDL cholesterol levels, helping to keep your heart healthy.




Studies suggest that mycoprotein in Quorn products may improve levels of satiety (satisfy your appetite for longer on fewer calories). This may help to regulate energy intake among those looking to lose weight or maintain lost weight




There is evidence to suggest that mycoprotein may have a positive effect on helping to control blood glucose levels.